5 thoughts on “Bay Area Dog Trainers Inspired By European Training Traditions

  1. Just love the history. Motivating a dog to work!

    Classic photo. Hope you post more of the early days of Ring.

    • Dave, I love any sort of Ringsport historical tidbit. They can be quite hard to find so are real treasurers when you find them. I have all kinds of historical dog training material to cover on this blog so stay tuned!

      • Hey Francis,

        What I like is the “older generation” working dogs, and wearing proper attire. Back in the day when most men wore ties even while training, fishing, hunting, and working.

      • Dave you can still see elements of an older dress code in the French Ring rules. The rules once said that the competitor must wear a collared shirt, and I believe they still state that you must wear pants on trial field.
        If you have ever noticed KNPV decoys always wear leather shoes. Apparently the KNPV costume has to conform to specs made many years ago and written into law concerning the proper equipment. That is why KNPV suits look like they are from 1890. I think this adds allot of charm to the KNPV program and I would not like to see the day when Dutchmen ran around in white sneakers black socks and a jogging outfit like a typical Frenchmen!

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