Wiener Nationals at Golden Gate Fields

Check out these photos I took last week at the 2011 Wiener Nationals Dachshund Race at Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley.  I was rooting for Andrew Ramsey and Mitzi, his 9-year old Mini Dachshund.  I figured Andrew would have it nailed because I saw the race last year and most of the dachshunds didn’t even run directly to the handler.  Instead, they got distracted and meandered about.  Basically all you had to do was run, and the chances of winning were pretty good.  This year was a big improvement in the speed and focus of the teams.  For Mitzi it really sucked to be a Mini on a Standards field, although she did win one round.

Next year, I’m expecting an even bigger improvement in the speed and conditioning of the teams.  I find this really exciting to see people motivated to improve the health and fitness of the Dachshund. A breed that at its worst is a weak backed show monstrosity with a temper, but at its best is a magnificent Tolkienesque hunting dog, versatile, stable and useful.  The irony of racing Dachshunds shows a humility that can bring a smile to your face.  It was nice to see people being serious, yet light-hearted about their passion. The handlers and fans were stylish and all the dogs got along.  Now if they just learned how to build drive, instead of relying on whats already there, the Wiener world would be a faster place.

Favored to win! Sammy Davis, supreme Dachshund Disc Dog.

The Fastest Dachshund in the Bay Area! Diva Duches and Petra Reynolds of Petras People Training for dogs

Check out Mitzi’s Security Detail:

6 thoughts on “Wiener Nationals at Golden Gate Fields

  1. Really Francis?!

    that would be so awesome! our little 1/2 wiener has been looking for a Teckel club that will accept him!

    If you are serious about the tunnels etc, let me know. I have working terrier/tunnel building/rats bred for tunnel work, connections!

  2. Yes, really! I want to incorporate terrier tunnels into the composting and chicken area. The goal is to be able to utilize the subterranean level of the property for dog work. Kind of Permaculture meets dog culture.

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