7 thoughts on “First Circus Class a Roaring Success

  1. That is so cool! Ginger Peach and I are so psyched to be a part of the class and have been reviewing our lessons diligently. Can’t wait for Sunday!!!!

  2. what a blast!! malone and logan are loving practicing their new tricks. francis and norma are our ring leader extraordinaires!

  3. Uber cute!!!! Mikey and I have been practicing everyday – his sit pretty is starting to look extra good!! We are excited to be a part of this class and look forward to many years of working with you two!!

    • Thanks bullylady666! Mikey is a fine beast, and makes an excellent “teachers pet” for class demos. Of course the best antidote for the reputation of any bull breed is to get out there and start Trick doggin. We are psyched to have you guys in class.

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