One thought on “New Canine Circus Classes Starting Soon

  1. Hello, I really, really want to take this class, but I have agility competitions through mid-December that take place on a bunch of the Sundays scheduled for this session that I really don’t want to miss because I’ve already missed a bunch because I injured myself – hurt my butt (why do other people hurt their backs and I have to hurt my butt?)

    So, I’m wondering whether you are contemplating doing anything over the holidays, or in January? I’m working on of dog agility fame (or infamy, depending on your point of view). She would love to take the class, but thinks the class is too far away, and expensive for her (largely because she just bought a most excellent dog-transporting automobile – so she shouldn’t whine about the distance – she has heated seats and a killer sound system in it). Her dogs already know a lot of tricks, and Laura can tell one good story, particularly when photoshop is involved! I might be able to coerce her into a Monday morning class.

    OK, I see that this post this is pretty weird, already, I might as well go for broke. Both of us would want to be working with all our dogs at sort of the same time (2 in my case), (3 in hers). I know it’s hard to train tricks with two dogs at once – but that’s our basic story – we do agility for real, and tricks at night in the living room to amuse ourselves. I have a Good Dog Who Holds My Hand on command, does a killer sleep, leaves a piece of food on her nose until I tell her she can have it as well as an entertaining “Be cute” roll on her back with all paws up. And a Bad Dog who is a complete food whore, so, in principle, I can probably teach him anything. He can sit on his haunches and hold a stand on hind legs a about five feet. I’ve got them balancing the big yoga ball together (like I do yoga, not), with their front paws.

    Anyway, the length of this email is directly related to the depth of my avoidance behavior today. I do not want to grade essays. I do like reading them.

    Ok, so I guess the question is, let me know next time you form a circus class on a Monday?


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