Tales of Braunstein: A Cautionary Tale of Trust, Greed and Thievery

In my world animals talk, not in human speech but in animal tongue. Cities are built from thimbles, balls, cards, tops and clubs. Mail is sent by Pigeon Post. Wool is still the best insulator, and knowledge is kept in leather-bound tomes. On most days this goes on in my head, while my exterior shows the concentration of a dog trainer deeply involved in his work. Inside my head is bolt upon bolt of patterned fabrics that would make a clown look “matchy matchy”.  Fleets of botanists grow giant golden onions to be made into roof top adornments and picnickers launch wooden boats in straw hats and striped trousers.  You get the point….

On some days what was once behind my eyes has the luxury of a leisurely walk in the countryside.  A creative outing, a feast of like minds, a picnic of inspired visions.  This was such a day.  Through the joint efforts of the Metcalf family, Jesse Freidin, Andrew Ramsey, and our Queen and supreme ruler Moonoka Hudak, we bring you:

Tales of Braunstein.

Stay tuned for more pulp tales of Detective/Puppeteer Giuseppe Braunstein and a photo series by dog photographer Jesse Freidin.

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